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GOING BEYOND JAPAN directed by Kyoko Gasha
[work in progress feature documentary film]


Every day, thousands of Japanese women leave Japan to come work in New York. What compels their immigration abroad? What are they getting in New York? A single mother, journalist Kyoko Gasha, who survived 9/11 with her daughter, explores this contemporary phenomenon through interviews with Japanese women in a range of fields, such as a young restaurant owner to a top New York lawyer. By examining the livelihoods of these diverse women, Gasha discovers unexpected responses and learns something new.


GOING BEYOND JAPAN explores the reasons why Japanese women leave their country of origin. The women interviewed in this documentary are part of that generation of women who were raised by traditional Japanese women. They are also part of that generation of women who precede today's Japanese youth who are exposed to the virtual global world where traditions are swept up by the fast pace of technology and imagery. Sandwiched between two generations ...

  • Why are these women leaving Japan?
  • What is missing in the lives of women in Japan?
  • Of all the cities in the world, what is it about New York that draws these women here?

This film will showcase the strong voices of Japanese women who shatter the stereotypes of Asian and Japanese women as geisha, passive, submissive, and subservient.
We will interview the following women in the professional context as well as the personal context (at home, work, and other venues significant to them):

  • Law firm partner, mid-50's
  • Executive Director of non-profit organization, mid-40's
  • Travel agent, early 40's
  • Deputy Editor-in- Chief, 40 years old
  • Bar/restaurant owner, early 30's




*All of these documentaries and feature stories were aired on TV Tokyo and its affiliated stations in Japan.

VJネットワーク「乳がん最新発見法」 1995年5月27日放送
Mom in Training -- The Path To Be A Midwife
News This Evening 日曜特集「菅原市場のゆみちゃん」 1995年7月
報道特番 「阪神大震災から2年」 1996年
報道スペシャル「衝撃ルポ神戸はいま、全壊の家家がまだある」 1997年1月11日放送
報道特番 「検証ペルー人質事件」Peru Hostage Crisis 1997年4月26日放送
News This Evening 日曜特集 「赤ちゃんからの贈り物」 1997年8月24日放送
TXNニュースワイド夕方一番 特集「理想の幼稚園を求めて」 1998年7月19日

少子長命シリーズ "ChildlessBut LongevityOf Japanese Society" (1997-1999)
少子長命第1弾 1997年
少子長命第2弾 1998年
少子長命第3弾「 仰天!元気老人アワー第3弾 」 1998年9月12日
少子長命第4弾「あー定年」 1998年11月23日
少子長命第5弾「仰天、愛と苦悩の介護アワー」 1999年2月27日放送
少子長命第6弾「元気老人」 1999年5月4日放送

[work in progress]


Asian American International Film Fest 2007
Selected for AAIFF 07 "Work In Progress" workshop with award -winning filmmaker Greg Pak.


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