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FUNTel means FUN in Television, Education and Life in general.
FUNTel is an organization engaged in flimmaking, educational activities and cultural exchange to lift the spirits of performers and audience alike.

FUNTel Inc. was founded by Kyoko Gasha in 2004.

  • Documentary Film --Going Beyond Japan (Work in Progress) Directed by Kyoko Gasha
  • Biweekly Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Lessons In New York City
  • Organized Tea Ceremonies in New York City which attracted over 200 pepolel
  • Demonstrated and Taught Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony to the elementary schools and after schools in New York City and Connecticut
  • Participated in NewYorkDeVolunteer "Explore Japanese Culture An After School Program" in partnership with New York City Parks and Recreation Department to demonstrated and taught Tea Ceremony in Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Demonstrated Tea Ceremony at Social Security Administration, Northeastern Program Service Center

*for more information about tea ceremony, please visit "CULTURE" site


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